January 2021

Alpha Hale Consulting are pleased to announce that they have launched a start-up division within their boutique management consultancy. Services include a range of bespoke tailored services focussing on business mentoring, strategy consulting and data analytics.

It is particularly important for a start-up company to establish itself within their marketplace to be seen as a competitor. In addition to this, it is equally important for a new company to create and drive the demand for their products or services. Therefore, the start-up services aim to help companies increase their outreach and secure sales opportunities.

Gail Calliste CEO and founder said: “It’s important that companies starting out in their chosen fields have the best chance of success and I find that this mainly consists of accurate guidance in financial and non financial affairs. Once a business truly understands it’s business environment, it’s target market and how to put certain strategies in place to leverage opportunities, then it can really begin to successfully compete. Our new start-up division offers services which will enable new companies to grow and consider their options.”

Get in touch to see how we can work with your business www.startups.alphahale.com