The Rise of Data Analytics

Over the past few years, it has been difficult to ignore the strong influence of which data analytics has taken on the business world. Data analytics is at the forefront of business innovation with businesses embracing the opportunity to improve performance.

The rise of data analytics has been strongly supported by popular applications such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau (now owned by Salesforce) and Zoho Analytics amongst others. The importance of receiving quick, influential insights from business data has become ever more important in the crowded world of data.

Creating a data driven culture can be highly beneficial for businesses – especially for the SME and start-up company who would greatly benefit from leveraging their data.

Here are a few popular data analytics tools which any business can easily integrate into their decision making process.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an application which allows the user to visually see insights within their data. Unrelated sources of data are turned into insightful dashboards within minutes in order to determine decision making and corrective action. The seamless interaction which it has with other business intelligence tools makes this tool efficient and easy to use.


Like Power BI, Tableau has a drop and drag system which allows you to instantly view patterns within large amounts of business data.  Stories can easily be created with data, enabling the end user to sharply pull those data stories into impressive dashboard reports.

Excel Ideas

Excel Ideas is an application in excel which allows the user to quickly analyse their data. Like Power BI, it also allows you to ask specific questions about your data. The application will then return the answer via several visualisations. This is a great tool for that smaller or start up company who may not yet want to explore the other ‘larger’ available data analytics tools.

Zoho Analytics

Zoho analytics is a data analytics tool which can connect to various data sources from cloud databases to social media apps. It’s drop and drag function allows business data to be visually represented in a number of business reports.


Programming languages can also be used with BI applications allowing the user to fully aggregate and automate their data.

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