Alpha Hale Consulting

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Please find a collection of client testimonials from some of our clients we have previously worked with and continue to work with.  

"Alpha Hale Consulting were appointed to create, aggregate and model a number of data sets in order to predict and find patterns in the data. This work undertaken for us by Alpha Hale Consulting will power our web search and data analytics platform. The approach and solutions provided were methodically executed in a highly professional manner. We continue to work with Alpha Hale during the beta phase of our launch."  

Founder, UK
Trendatalytics (Tech Start-Up)

"Being a scientist who is opening  a start-up company, I found that I did not have enough financial knowledge. This shortcoming has negatively impacted my financial plan as well as my proposal for  potential investors. I therefore decided to hire a consultant.

Alpha Hale Consulting helped me to review and evaluate the financial reality of our company based on analysing the data which has been collected from the current market and by highlighting the advantages of our technology. They also advised us about a suitable equity distribution for potential investors. Their professionalism and sincerity has greatly been appreciated".


Dr Kim Hoang, UK
Inventor of Smart Nails patented technology (Tech Start-Up)